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Beauty and the Beast of Starting a Business

Starting a business is always difficult so always remember that a problem shared is a problem halved. I am sure that there are other small businesses in your area that are also wishing to advertise with a minimum budget. Get some leaflets printed off and start making contact with them. Here are some ideas to get you started:1. Go to the local health club and ask to put leaflets out or a poster up stating that members of the gym get 10% off a certain treatment such as, pedicure etc.2. Offer a “bridal treatment” as a service to the local wedding planner or bridal shop.

3. Put up leaflets at the local golf club offering cheaper prices on your less busy days. Offer a discount to the local soccer club, football club, cheer leaders etc.4. Consider setting up a mobile service – but take the usual safety precautions by aiming at clubs and hotels.5. Contact the local mother and baby clubs and offer to provide manicures after the meeting. Young mothers are tired and would welcome the opportunity of feeling great again.6. Offer your services at the local hospitals, assisted living etc. All places where people wish to feel better.7. Offer your services to local large hotels – be careful how you describe what you offer!8. Visit your local large companies, shops etc. and offer your services to their staff – either on their premises or at your office.9. Offer a beauty club membership to your locals. Give them a discount on their 10th treatment, if they introduce a friend etc.10. Put your posters up in places that offer complimentary services in exchange for their poster in your salon.11. Look at other services you can offer in your salon. Sometimes that fact that you offer free coffee and make people feel really welcome is all it takes. Make sure that your “home office” is welcoming and professional looking.

12. Try and innovative new product/service etc and tell people about it – including the local radio station and newspaper.Anything to get the name of your services in front of others. Yes you discount your prices – but you get more people in and you get the name of your company known.Be professional, look professional, be friendly and be different! Look at how the big companies do it and use their ideas. Good luck.